About the Course

Top Shelf® Academy’s Excel for Real Estate Certification Course is composed of over 50 lessons carefully crafted to teach you about key Excel functions and other fundamental topics that will help you kickstart your financial career. 

TSA’s real estate finance courses are created by industry experts to teach you all about private equity real estate and underwriting. By completing this certification course, you will gain the knowledge required in the real estate industry as well as add value to your resume when applying for jobs.

Requirements and Benefits

  • Requirements

    Purchase the course and go through each module to review all of the provided lessons. You will be prompted to complete short quizzes for each module before going on to the next one. Once you have gone through the entire course, take the certification exam. Good Luck!

  • Benefits

    Enhance your industry knowledge, boost your resume, and show off your new certification on your LinkedIn profile. You will even have the opportunity to upload your resume to our resume book that we will send to top private equity companies!

  • Key Notes

    Whether you are new or skilled with Excel, we will walk you through how to use fundamental Excel functions in real estate. The course will explain how to utilize key Excel functions in underwriting and financial modeling.

Student Reviews

Helped Boost My Resume!

Sarah M

This certification really helped to boost my resume! Once I added it to my resume & LinkedIn profile more companies started reaching out to me. It has also given me an easy way to demonstrate my knowledge in interviews.


Josh R

I like the combination of videos and graphics with text. I found the videos engaging and not extremely time-consuming which is important to me as a student. The text makes it easier to take notes for the quizzes!

Highly Recommend

Grace S

I highly recommend this course! It provided me with a strong foundation in the basics of financial real estate. It covered many topics without assuming I should already know everything about certain topics.

Worth the Investment!

Zach W

Top Shelf Academy gives you the most bang for your buck. I’ve found other courses 5-10x more expensive than Top Shelf Academy’s, and they offer essentially the same thing.

Flexible Learning Style

Jake K

The quizzes are really beneficial to test your knowledge. I like that there is a quiz at the end of each section so you can recap everything you’ve learned.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Microsoft Excel - Overview

    • Layout of a Financial Model

    • Color Coding

    • Excel - Formatting Overview

    • Paste

    • Format Painter

    • Gridlines

    • Conditional Formatting

    • Custom Formatting

    • Center Across Selection vs. Merging Cells

    • CONCATENATE and "&" Operator

    • Freeze Panes

    • Drop-Down List

    • Adding Check Marks

    • Elevator Buttons

    • Hide Cells

    • Protect & Lock Formulas

    • Lock and Hide Cells

    • Comment vs. Note

    • Clear

    • How To Create Annual Cash Flows from Monthly Cash Flows

    • Excel Formatting - Quiz

    • Financial Formulas Overview

    • Iterative Calculations

    • Absolute Cell Reference

    • Sheet References

    • <= and >=





    • SUMIF vs. SUMIFS 

    • Total Weighted Average

    • Nested Functions

    • IF(AND)


    • =IF(ISNUMBER())

    • OFFSET

    • XIRR

    • XIRR vs. IRR

    • MIRR

    • FV

    • PV

    • NPER

    • RATE


    • NPV

    • XNPV

    • EFFECT

    • PMT

    • IPMT

    • PMT vs. IPMT

    • Excel Financial Formulas - Quiz

    • Key Excel Shortcuts

    • Sort Data

    • Sensitivity Tables


    • YEAR

    • ROUND



    • MAX and MIN

    • LEFT, RIGHT, and MID

    • TRIM




    • Excel Non-Financial Formulas - Quiz

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